July 22, 2014

San Diego Eclectic

Cutie pies Heidi and Rick were looking for a unique way to celebrate their impending nuptials.  So they head out for a day about the town in their native California.  With a retro vibe and colorful personalities, these two pop alongside the eclectic sites of San Diego.

Photography:  Raw Fusion Studio

July 18, 2014

Wedding Day Essentials

For those of you who avidly follow the blog, you know I love a good challenge.  So when KIND Healthy Snacks approached me about finding unique ways to incorporate their yummy snacks into weddings, I jumped at the opportunity.  So today with the help of KIND and Firmoo, I bring to you the wedding day essentials you'll need to survive the happy chaos of your big day.  Below I've highlighted three important care packages every bride should have prepared:  Her bridal purse, a bridesmaid day-of kit, and a bridal suite snack box.  Let's break it down...

The Bridal Purse:

No matter how much you plan ahead, your big day is still going to throw you some unexpected curveballs.  So why not be prepared?  Here are the must-have items every bride should carry in the mainly ornamental bridal purse:
  • Snack:  With all the hair appointments and make-up applications, you're likely going to forget to eat.  So pack a protein-filled snack.  KIND has some great healthy (and compact!) options in their fabulous Nuts & Spices Bars.
  • Glasses:  Shtick happens and you don't want to find yourself without an extra pair of glasses or contacts on your big day.  Avoid the possibility of seeing through a foggy haze and pack a backup pair.  Firmoo has a fantastic selection of stylish and inexpensive glasses that are ideal for this kind of situation.  Add a bit of extra style to your day like I did with the fabulous black & white rimmed set we've highlighted in this post.
  • Perfume:  Pack a sample sized perfume bottle in case that heavy bridal gown starts making you a bit sweaty.
  • Lotion:  Detail shots are the name of the game on your wedding day, so don't get caught with ashy hands.  Pack a mini lotion bottle and you'll be thanking me later.
  • Hair Clips:  From busting a move to your Nana affectionately rubbing your head, your hairdo is going to start coming apart at some point.  Avoid crazy bridal bed head with an extra set of hair clips.
  • Eyeliner:  You know the deal, you're going to be crying.  Pack an eyeliner pencil so that you can do a few touchups in-between photos.
  • Concealer:  Get a sample size concealer for that pesky blemish that keeps poking out its ugly head throughout the day.
  • Band-Aids:  This one was a wedding day lifesaver for yours truly!  Sure those shoes look beautiful, but after two hours of meet and greets, you'll be cursing the heavens.  Pack some mini band-aids for the inevitable wedding day blisters.
  • Nail Polish:  This is the one day in your life that everyone and (literally) their mothers will be looking at your hands.  Pack your wedding nail polish for any emergency chips in the paint job.
  • Lip Gloss:  It's a smooching kind of day, so don't fall prey to chapped lips!  Come prepared with a light and yummy lip gloss.

Bridesmaid Day-Of Kit:
Every bride wants happy and relaxed bridesmaids.  So treat them to a day-of kit, packed with all the possible essentials to make their day a bit easier.  Here's what you'll need:
  • Snack:  With all the running around these ladies are going to be doing, make sure to treat them with something yummy!  As mentioned above, a great option is KIND's delicious and protein-packed snack bars.
  • Nail Polish:  Gift them the nail color you'd prefer with a nice new bottle of polish.
  • Manicure Kit:  Your bridesmaids have likely spent a ton of money to be part of your special day, so save them the extra expense of nail maintenance.  Invest in a nice manicure set to spoil them.
  • Eyelashes:  Throw in a fun and extravagant gift like fake lashes.  At the very least, it'll serve as a nice prop for some goofy getting-ready photos.
  • Salve:  A nicely compact salve or tinned perfume goes a long way on a busy day.
  • Lotion:  Utilize all those lotion samples you got at Sephora and put them in your bridesmaids' day-of kit!
  • Hair Piece:  This will likely be your big gift to the girls, so make sure to include their specialty hair piece in their bag.
  • Perfume:  No one wants a stanky bridesmaid!  Buy some aromatic travel size perfumes for the girls and you'll be patting yourself on the back all day.

Snack Box:
Believe it or not, about 1,000 people will come in and out of your bridal suite as you're getting ready (whether you like it or not!).  On top of that, they'll all be hungry and will want to eat your pre-wedding food... it's one of life's horrible wedding day ironies.  So, satiate (and shut them up) with a snack box full of yummy treats!  We put together a lovely basket of KIND's snack bars and healthy grains.  And the best thing about these snacks?  They're gluten free, so you don't have to worry about Aunt June's pesky allergies acting up!

Alright, now with all this detailed knowledge I imparted to you, I send you out into the world of nuptials.  Special thanks to KIND Healthy Snacks and Firmoo for supplying us with their fabulous snacks and glasses for this post!
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