March 3, 2015

The Clock Tower

Most couples opt for the traditional gazebo or church ceremony.  But Katie and Cameron aren't most couples!  With a clock tower wedding in Colorado, these two cuties certainly know how to break the mold.  Photographer Tiffany Brinton gives us insight into this amazingly awesome wedding...

March 2, 2015


Here at The Frosted Petticoat, we're refusing to submit to this never ending winter.  So, join us in giving the bird to Mother Nature by only thinking warm thoughts.  Today's post should help.  Modeled after a sun-kissed vintage garden, primed for Spring planting, this will surely give you the warm-weathered inspiration we're all needing right about now.

February 27, 2015

Serendipitous Love

Sometimes the wedding stars align and everything actually goes perfectly on the big day.  For gorgeous newlyweds Lena and Harnell, their serendipitous love seamlessly translated into a wedding day.  A soft color palette, an ethereal venue, a sunny Southern California day, and true love come together in perfect harmony...

Magical Playtime

There's nothing more important in a little girl's life than her big sister.  So, it's important that the special moments of imagination and bonding are immortalized forever.  And what better way to immortalize these fleeting memories than on film!  Photographer Maura Casados was able to capture just such the magical playtime and unconditional love between sisters Grace and Faith.

February 26, 2015

Retro Beach Babies

Neil and Savanna were best friends in college.  Study buddies, co-workers, and even the occasional wingman for each other, the chemistry was undeniable.  As friends, their most cherished memories were going to the beach after a long day and having in-depth conversations about their hopes and dreams.  They were meant to be together, they just didn't realize it.  It wasn't until later that a mutual friend pointed out that they were soul mates, that Savanna and Neil finally saw it.  Now these soon-to-be newlyweds are commemorating their love in a timeless, retro style... and it couldn't be more adorable!

February 25, 2015

Bridesmaid Brunch

Looking for a special way to ask your friends if they'll be in your bridal party?  Then look no further than this beautifully rustic bridesmaid brunch.  With yummy breakfast food, champagne, and a unique cake to top off the festivities, it's a wonderfully sweet way to kick off your wedding.

Toronto Cherry Blossoms

Do you hear it?  It's just a whisper on the air, but Spring is coming.  Okay maybe that's wishful thinking, but damn it I'm going to be optimistic!  My theory is that if we think warm, happy thoughts then Spring will come a lot sooner.  So, let's all collectively envision a colorful affair surrounded by cherry blossoms and dreamy pastel florals.  Wait instead of trying to envision it, just check out this beautiful stylized shoot by a group of vendors in Ontario.  When you see these photos, it'll be much easier to think happy Spring thoughts!  Enjoy!

February 24, 2015

Expanded (Baby) Horizons

Gone are the days of the bright pink and powder blue, gender-specific baby showers.  And to that I say, Hallelujah!  It's not that I'm not a fan of those colors in their own right, I just think it's about time expectant aunties and grandmas-in-laws get a bit more creative with their shower themes.  That's why its so refreshing to see events like today's pretty party.  Inspired by the little one's nursery colors, this coral, navy, and gray themed shindig is a great example of expanded horizons.  With sweet monogram details and a perfectly executed palette, let this serve as the standard for those who want to think outside the shower box!

The Spanish Wild

The sad truth for many a bride is that the big day just doesn't live up to their expectations.  This was true for photographer Alicia Rius.  However, in a happy turn of events she was given a second chance to recreate her wedding day.  Alicia gives us insight into her vision:

February 23, 2015

Amsterdam via Minnesota

When a group of event vendors are seeping with talent, the only outlet is to team up and create a dream wedding.  That's exactly what these creative Minnesota professionals did and it's one of the coolest events we've seen in a long time.  With the theme "Springtime in Amsterdam", they combined the best of the European city's allure with a colorful retro vibe.  So grab your passport and put on some bicycle-friendly attire, it's time to travel to Amsterdam!

February 20, 2015

Retreat at Cool Spring

Believe it or not, Spring is upon us!  I know, I know... it seems like a bleak prospect in light of recent cold-weather events, but truly it's coming.  So let's start mentally preparing by planning fancy tea times!  Today's gorgeous vintageness is sure to get you in the mood.  Photographer Erin Waller breaks down all the fabulous details:

February 19, 2015

Snow White Bride

High school sweethearts Kyle and Shari just celebrated their five year wedding anniversary.  To commemorate the occasion, they decided to have portraits done in a fairytale style.  Photographer Maura Jane explains the special photo session:

Swedish Pastel

Believe it or not, the whole stylized wedding was (for a long time) an exclusively American thing.  That's right, most international couples used to just get married in understated and simple style.  Unsurprisingly, the American trend slowly caught on and now has travelled the globe with escort cards and coordinated color palettes.  And I've got a little news for you, my fellow compatriots... it seems as if the international couples are outdoing us!  Gasp!

February 18, 2015

Winter Freeze

It seems that February is not going to give us a break from the snow.  So instead of fighting it, let's embrace it with open arms.  Set in a Rocky Mountain Aspen grove, this gorgeously styled winter wedding will actually have you wishing for snow.  With a stunning vintage gown, a real-life married couple as models, and a rustically romantic setting, it almost makes this miserable winter tolerable.  Enjoy!

February 17, 2015

Balloon Pop

If your sister is a photographer, then you know you're going to get some amazing photographic documentation of your pregnancy.  Take today's sweet expectant parents, Mike and Jordan, for example.  To announce their baby's gender, they had Jordan's super talented photographer sister shoot the big reveal.  And if you ask me, the love behind the camera clearly translates on film.  Photographer Brooke Ashley gives us insight into the special day:

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