March 23, 2011

Brides come in all shapes & sizes!

Are you 5'10", dress size -2, and adhere to a strict cayenne pepper & maple syrup diet?  If you answered no, then you join the rest of us 99.9999% of healthy, beautiful women in the real world.  If you answered yes, then YOU'RE TOO SKINNY!

So why is it that wedding fashion designers haven't gotten with the program?!  Why do they insist on every bride fitting in the same (and might I say, unattractive) body category?  Why aren't there more options for the everyday woman?  The plus-size stunner?  I know I certainly didn't want to look emaciated & on death's door on the most wonderful day of my life . . . I just wanted to look like the best possible version of me - in all my bootyliciousness!  Because when all is said and done, lovely Brides of the world, your fiance fell in love with YOU!  He knows you're the most beautiful girl in the world, so own it!!

And a good place to start . . . The Pretty Pear Bride!  Pretty Pear Bride has heard the call for a more realistic perspective and has dedicated it's blog to bridal inspirations for the plus-size bride (I can already hear the muffled ecstatic roar of the masses in the air!).

Developed by Shafonne Myers, wedding planner & creator of Divas & Weddings, Pretty Pear Bride serves as an outlet for plus size brides - giving them the luxury of seeing gorgeous bridal inspirations through their own eyes.

The blog highlights Real Weddings, inspirational stories, and the tips & tricks to being a stunning bride.  Soon, the blog will also feature a list of vendors who specialize in plus-size bridal fashion.  

But most importantly, Pretty Pear Bride now gives plus-size brides a place that reflects their vision and allows them to embrace both their inner & outer beauty!

On behalf of all women who live in reality, I would like to say "Thank You" (and FINALLY!), Pretty Pear Bride!  For this, we at The Frosted Petticoat, take out our buttercream spatula and dub Pretty Pear Bride, "Frosted"... you now may join the other royals in our Court of Petticoat!


  1. I LOVE the Pretty Pear Bride, so nice to see REAL beautiful brides!

  2. Thank you. I know, it is definitely a nice breath of fresh air!!



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