May 24, 2011

If Marilyn Monroe married Professor Snape

Once again my devilishly creative cohorts, Alicia from The Charity Wedding and Jenna from Little Bit Heart, have challenged me to an inspiration board duel!  Ladies, I welcome you to the nuptials of Mr. Severus Snape and Miss Marilyn Monroe... (black) diamonds are a girls best friend, you know.

Manzanita Tree Centerpiece: Kate N Kylie
Black Diamond Engagement Ring: Shiree Odiz
Black Diamond Lasercut Charms: Sundry Supply
Groom's Black Ascot: Crude Things
Bombshell Centerfold Mobile Decor: Salty and Sweet
Tree Wine Glasses: Mary Wibis
Black Kisses "Thank You" Cards: Knock Out Punches
Diamonds & Feather Cape: Tiana CHE

There's nothing like a sexy Harry Potter themed wedding to start a marriage off right! ;)

Black Swarovski Crystal Heels: Red Envelope Gifts
Love Potion Favor Bottle: Bunnie Lovee
Marilyn Monroe Wedding Gown: Porshe's Place
Black Diamond Confetti: Shdstash
Potion Bottle Favor Decor: Steampunk Asunder
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