March 12, 2012

Baby in a Calm Ocean

There must be something in the water because we have been getting a lot of baby shower requests lately!  In particular, we've seen an overwhelming demand for ocean-themed parties!  Well you want it, so we're giving it to you.  Here's our take on a Ocean-Themed Baby Shower...

Sailboat Napkin Holders by Ocean Swept
Starfish Decor by Rust & Reliques
Black Lace Baby Crown by Husha Bye Creations
Seashell Air Plant by Peacock Taco
Fish Scales Invitations by Digby Rose
Seashell Photo Art by Mingtaphotography
Necklace by Angelfish Originals
Alphabet Photo Art by Eco Print

The pinks & blues of baby showers past are over!  And who said that cartoony fish and bright blues were a requisite for an ocean-themed party?  Try this neutral color palette with gradients of white, grey, and black.


  1. Never seen a baby shower like this... in love!

  2. gorgeous, unique and beautiful!



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