Awaiting Finley…

Today brings some big changes to The Frosted Petticoat blog… we are now editorial partners at Two Bright Lights!  And because of that amazing honor, we’re going to be able to bring you the best work of photographers from around the world.  In the next week alone, we’ll be showcasing a surprise engagement, a visually stunning ‘trash-the-dress’ shoot, and two real weddings!  Although we’re expanding our repertoire, we promise to continue to highlight the whimsical, unique, & fun elements in event planning.  So with that said, fasten your fascinators and join us on this delicious adventure…

Now let’s start this new era off on the right foot… with a baby!  Today we bring you a laid-back take on the always interesting Maternity Shoot.  As the adorable family of Carlos, Jenny, Charlie, & Cooper await the arrival of baby Finley, they decided to depart from traditional pregnancy photos.  They weren’t interested in posing in matching white outfits or naked bump silhouettes… they simply wanted to capture a moment in their happy lives and document the loving family Finley was being born into.  Like we always say here at The FP, your wedding day should reflect your personality… and a maternity photo shoot is no different!  That’s where professional photographer Jess Cumbie’s fresh outlook came in:

“Having a baby is a real life thing… It’s about cravings, balancing life, your life about to change forever. If you already have kids it’s about them having to share you with another small human being.  It’s about sing along songs permeating your house at all hours of the day.”  

So, Jess and the family settled on a more casual, real life session over a traditional shoot.  And as the results undeniable show, baby Finley will be entering into a home filled with unconditional love and a lot of laughter…

We’d like to thank Carlos, Jenny, Charlie, & Cooper (and baby Finley!) for letting us glimpse into their little piece of heaven!
Special thanks to Jess Cumbie Photography for sharing their lovely portraits.


  1. John says

    Like this idea much more than posed photos. These are more natural. Great article and photos.