Bun in the Oven

If there’s anything you need to know about the FP, its that we don’t like rules… and yes, I did spend a lot of time in detention during elementary school.  But the rule breakers of yesteryear are the trendsetters of tomorrow.  Plus, as far as I know there was no 11th Commandment in which Moses decreed:

“It shall be knoweth across the sands of the Earth that thou shalt not wear comfortable shoes on the day of thy betrothal, thou shalt not use any font other than ‘Edwardian Script’ for thy invitations, and families shalt not look anything but awkward in thy poseth portraits.”

So, don’t be guilt tripped by a pushy event planner (or dare I say your mother-in-law!) to do something simply because “that’s what everyone else does”.  The best events are the ones that are an unadulterated reflection of your personality.  So rock on, you soothsayers of tradition!

Okay now that we’ve had the would-you-jump-off-a-cliff talk, let’s get down to business.  Today we celebrate a family that laughs in the face of monotony.  Nicole & TJ wanted to do something special to announce their second pregnancy to friends and family, but formality was the last thing on their minds.  Collaborating with their former wedding photographer (and might I say, the brilliant), Jennifer Bagwell, they came up with this fabulous pregnancy announcement shoot:

Never has being hunched over a toilet looked so good!  I predict that these slayers of overdone tradition will be the brave trendsetters of the next ‘knocked-up’ generation.  Bravo, Jennifer Bagwell Photography!!

Special thanks to Jennifer Bagwell Photography & Two Bright Lights!


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    That is just too funny! What a great way to announce that you are pregnant !!! Congrats to the family and kudos to the amazing photographer.