Location, location, location!

Today we tackle the all important “It” factor.  Every bride has (at least) one.  So what is “it”?  The one element of a wedding day that you see in a magazine and say “I’ve got to have it!”.  For some, their “It” factor is 6-inch Louboutin bridal shoes, for others a deep purple wedding cake.  Whatever “it” is, it usually becomes an integral part of the wedding design process, with brides making sure the rest of the day corresponds with the must have item.

Well, today’s bride and groom couldn’t have chosen a bigger “It” factor.  From the ceremony to the reception, this wedding had one overwhelming focus: the venue! Located in the heart of New Orleans, the Afton Villa Gardens dominates the design of Lauren & John’s outdoorsy Louisiana spring wedding.  As captured by Joie du Jour Photography, instead of fighting the venue they clearly embraced the environment by setting up garden sitting areas and unobtrusive decorations.  With delicious touches of modern-meets-retro, for Lauren & John it is clear to see that location is everything!    

If you ask me, Lauren & David couldn’t have done a more spectacular job with their “must have it” location!  So what is your “It” factor?
Event Design:  The Red Cake
Floral Design: Fleur du Jour
Event Venue:  Afton Villa Gardens
Submission: Two Bright Lights