August 17, 2012

Paint Bombs Away!

Today's event is the kind of post I live for... that's right, we've got another couple going at each other with paint! Since our Love & (Paint) War engagement shoot is one of our most popular posts of all time, I am positive the Petticoat Nation will love these newlyweds. Nic & Katie wanted to literally trash the dress during this post-nuptials shoot.  So naturally they filled water balloons with paint and went at it!  With their love exploding into colorful displays of affection, enjoy Nic & Katie's day of awesome destruction in the Nevada desert...

And if you didn't already think that Katie & Nic were wedded rock stars, they now display Katie's trashed dress on a vintage mannequin as art in their home.  I know, right?!  Clearly they have bulldozed their way into the Royal Court of Petticoat

Photography:  Mike L. Photography


  1. Who are these people?! I want to be friends with them!!!!!!

  2. Im planning a party like this. I was wondering if you guys just used regular acrylic paint for this? Thanks.



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