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Princess for a Day

June 26, 2015


Children’s birthday parties have been getting out of hand.  Limitless budgets, immaculate decor, and event planning to rival platinum weddings.  And to this we say, “Hell Yeah!”  What little kid wouldn’t want the party of their dreams?!  Yes, we’ll admit it’s a bit excessive, but let’s be honest… we’d all love to get an invitation to one of these shindigs.  So, until we receive one of these golden tickets in the mail, let’s live vicariously through the life of a sweet 5 year old.  For little Sophia, her birthday party was literally like stepping into a princess fairytale.  Complete with a decadent dessert table, gold crowns, and even a prince, there is no shortage of thoughtful detail in this breathtakingly gorgeous party.  So what do you think… are children’s birthday parties the new ‘platinum wedding’?

Immaculate Pink & Gold Princess Birthday Party 5 Immaculate Pink & Gold Princess Birthday Party 13

Immaculate Pink & Gold Princess Birthday Party 20


Photographer:   Forte Photography & Cinema

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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