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If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy

April 26, 2012
For those of you who are new to The FP’s “Unlikely Union” inspiration boards, here’s how it works:  you give us any two people, real or fiction, living or dead, married or single and we’ll show you what their wedding would look like.  The only rule, they have to be two people who are so opposite in personality, the likelihood of them ever getting married is a statistical improbability!   In the past, our readers have witnessed the delusional nuptials of Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber, Katy Perry & Donald Trump, and Mary Poppins & James Dean… just to name a few!

Well, for the last week we put it to you to vote for which unlikely union you wanted to see next.  In a landslide victory, “If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy” prevailed!  So what happens when the man of your dreams marries the woman in your husband’s wet dreams?  Brooding elegance with a small army of children, naturally!

Angelina+Jolie+wedding+dress+gown+marriage+married+tattoo+pride+prejudice+mr+darcy+classic+grey+white+black+decoration+vintage+ceremony+reception+flower+girls+ring+bearers - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+1 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy Silhouette:  The Little Chickadee
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+2 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Lace Flower Girl Dress:  Fox n’ Lily
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+3 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Black Silk Bridal Gown:  Stella Dottir (Photo by Matthew Heckerling)
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+4 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
British Countryside Art:  Reflections of Light
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+5 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Centerpiece Candle Abra:  Shabulous Chandeliers 
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+6 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Grey Framed Mirrors:  Secret Window
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+7 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Temporary Skeleton Key Tattoo:  Pepper Ink
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+8 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Outfits:  GirliGlam (Photo by Kim McCall)
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+9 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Invitation Calligraphy:  Rachel Carl
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+10 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Infant Ring Bearer Outfit:  Fine Handmade Clothing
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+11 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Vintage Couch:  Found in France
Black+grey+gray+wedding+theme+angelina+jolie+gothic+goth+pride+and+prejudice+elizabeth+bennet+mr+darcy+jane+austen+english+bride+bridal+12 - If Angelina Jolie married Mr. Darcy
Infant Sunflower Dress:  Jewelry & Baby Bling (Photo by Nicki Kristof)
And their celebrity name: “Angarcy”
Matching Flower Girl Dresses:  Olivia Kate Couture
Groom Ascot Cravat:  Made By Peggy
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  1. For the ring bearer and flower girl outfits, the photographer is Kim Winey, that shoot took place at our showroom (Maggpie Vintage)

  2. The dress were so cute and the details of the event is something that anyone is first time of.The outfits were really lovely, as well as the details of the event. It was such lovely and glamorous.Congrats!xoxo

  3. Your unlikely union are lovely. I am sure you deserve each other. If not, you will not have the courage to go for marriage. Congratulations!

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