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The Case for Chicken Nuggets

October 31, 2017
chicken nuggets, tyson, dinner
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled recipe program for an important message. Specially marked Tyson® Chicken products are raised with no antibiotics ever! *Parents around the world squeal in joy!* Yes, if you are the parent of a toddler, like myself, then you know that they are solely fueled on a diet of chicken nuggets and mommy tears. Why won’t they eat anything else?! No joke, there are days that my daughter will literally go without food. She straight up holds Ghandi-inspired hunger strikes! But unlike Ghandi, she is not motivated by civil rights or a love of humanity. She is motivated by one thing and one thing only… chicken nuggets. So on the days that I wave the white flag of parental desperation, I wave it with a sigh of relief knowing that Tyson chicken products are raised with no antibiotics ever.

But, Sam! You’re a food blogger and recipe developer?! Why can’t you make something your kid will enjoy eating?! Well, because life is cruel my friends. I have tried everything from Minion-shaped oatmeal banana cakes to frozen peach-spinach pops. Anything to get my daughter to eat something nutritious. Some days I succeed and I celebrate those little victories with a hearty pat on the back. On the other days, I just do my best to get her to eat something of quality. That’s why I always pick up a bag of Tyson® Any’tizers® chicken fries and Tyson chicken nuggets at my local HEB store.

chicken nuggets, tyson, dinnerchicken nuggets, tyson, dinnerchicken nuggets, tyson, dinner

Like every toddler to have ever existed, my daughter loses her mind over chicken nuggets. And I can’t say I blame her. Chicken nuggets, as a general food group, are pretty magical. Since I have worked with Tyson chicken products on a number of posts in the past, I’m lucky enough to be well-acquainted with the brand and their products. So they are my chicken nugget brand of choice. I always seek out the specially marked Tyson chicken products that indicate that it is never raised with antibiotics. That includes their nuggets, strips, Any’tizers snacks, and drumsticks. The brand is also dedicated to make quality Tyson chicken products with 100% natural ingredients (no artificial ingredients, minimally processed). Bottom line, you can ditch the parental guilt and feel good about serving these scrumptious morsels to your munchkins.

chicken nuggets, tyson, dinnerchicken nuggets, tyson, dinnerchicken nuggets, tyson, dinner

As a last ditch effort, I always sneak veggies into some sort of dip for the chicken fries and nuggets. Today, I added some chopped red peppers, cucumbers, and a tiny bit of pureed spinach to a cheese dip. Like any toddler, she can’t say no to cheese! Anything is worth a shot. I would also suggest a fruit & spinach yogurt smoothie to supplement. But in all honesty, my little one will only drink it about 50% of the time.

chicken nuggets, tyson, dinnerchicken nuggets, tyson, dinnerchicken nuggets, tyson, dinner

Trust me, I feel no joy in imparting my toddler feeding struggles to you, but hope it gives those of you in the trenches a sense of comradery. I am a professional and I still cannot get my kid to eat half the time! C’est la vie. Luckily in those moments of desperation and pure exasperation, you can look to quality brands like Tyson for a bit of relief and peace of mind.


chicken nuggets, tyson, dinnerchicken nuggets, tyson, dinner

So what parental tricks do you have up your sleeve? No seriously, I need to know because I am at wit’s end! Shout them out below and make sure to pick up specially marked Tyson no antibiotics ever chicken products at your local market.

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  1. I love this! You’re right – as moms we all need to find ways to get our kids to eat and try to give them the best quality foods. I love how sneaky you were with the cheese dip and the pureed spinach – gonna give that a try!

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