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Cinnamon Crunch Fruit Jellies

February 22, 2017
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This post was sponsored by Somersaults Sunflower Seed Snacks as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. This Cinnamon Crunch Fruit Jellies recipe is perfect for wholesome snacking the whole family can enjoy! There are ironies in life that are simply cruel. A jeweler’s […]

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Honey Apple Chutney

November 7, 2016
Honey Apple Chutney-11472

Today’s sweet South African couple married in stunning shabby chic style.  From gorgeously eccentric floral arrangements to a pretty pastel palette, their day was the stuff that romantic dreams are made of.  We were so inspired by this gorgeous affair, that we created a Honey Apple Chutney recipe to match their adorable favors.  So make […]

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Mascarpone Rainbow Pizza

November 2, 2016
Mascarpone Rainbow Pizza-15381

If you have been following along with the blog, then you are well aware that October was National Pizza Month. Yes, awesome. I know. And to celebrate that sacred month of observance, I teamed up with Mama Mary’s® to bring you two sponsored recipe posts: the first was the seasonally appropriate Spicy Harvest Pizza and the second […]

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Mango Piña Colada Popsicles

July 19, 2016
Mango Piña Colada Popsicles-14752

With sunshine, sand, and surf, summer brings with it something else… guilt. You know, the guilt you feel when you want to dive into that super fruity drink poolside or that refreshing ice cream on a sweltering day. Guilt because it’s also swimsuit season and a time when you are wearing the least amount of […]

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Sequoia Grove Chardonnay + Swiss Watermelon Dip

June 29, 2016
Sequoia Grove Chardonnay + Swiss Watermelon Dip-14667

Thoughts of summer are often filled with beach trips, popsicles, and sunshine. But thoughts often gloss over the inconvenient realities, like the sweltering heat. You know the type of day:  you look outside at the bright blue sky, put on a nice outfit for a day in the sun, and then you go outside where […]

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Beet Kale Salad & Springtime Oat Smoothie

March 11, 2016
Beet Kale Salad & Springtime Oat Smoothie-12929

Did you know it’s National Nutrition Month? Yup, March is a time to finally get around to that pesky New Years’ Resolution that’s been haunting you since January 2nd.  I personally have been slowly working on my nutrition since last autumn, when I happily welcomed my baby girl into the world. I subscribe to the […]

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Gloria Ferrer & the Poached Pear

March 9, 2016
Gloria Ferrer & the Poached Pear-12821

There are a few foodie milestones that come with growing into a proper adult – eating your first mouthful of caviar without gagging, knowing the difference between chocolate truffles and actual truffles, and learning to pair a good wine with a yummy dessert.  Well, I can’t help you with the caviar reflex (not something I’ve mastered […]

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