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S’mores Pie Pops

September 14, 2016
S’mores Pie Pops-13811

Have you ever pondered life’s big questions? Like how can the universe have originated from the Big Bang? Or where does my lost left sock live now? Well there’s one life-altering question that I always come back to… how can I improve upon the s’more? I know what you’re thinking “Sam, you’re crazy because the […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

May 18, 2016
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie-13744

Looking for a rather traditional way to celebration your wedding, non-traditionally? Wait, what?! Yeah, exactly! Cutie pies Amy and Michael put together a rather spectacular classic tea party for their nuptials. They spent months finding mismatched vintage china and created lace balloons for their decor. Their fare consisted of local brews and a pie bar […]

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Curtis Stone & the Ocean Spray Bog

November 25, 2015
Curtis Stone & the Ocean Spray Bog-11672

The bucket list… most people’s list include things like skydiving and swimming with sharks.  Mine?  Well, mine has more food-centric goals like diving into a tub of jello and eating a full size chocolate sculpture of Marie Antoinette.  So you can imagine my squeals when I received an invite to eat lunch with Curtis Stone […]

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Big Apple Cheesecake

September 8, 2015
Big Apple Cheesecake-12121

Are you the type of person that associates food with wonderful memories?  You know, how every time you bite into a creamsicle you’re transported to the childhood summer you learned to swim?  Well, today I’m teaming up with Stella cheeses to bring you a yummy recipe that conjures up a night out, enjoying dinner and a show.  Living in Manhattan, some […]

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