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Smoky Pineapple Fresca with Stoli Crushed

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Cherry Spice Bread, recipe

Cherry Spice Bread

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zoneperfect, strawberry shortcake, snack

Strawberry Shortcake on the go!

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rose wine, wine, mimi en provence

Mimi en Provence Rosé – Best of the Summer

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Tequila & Chorizo Stuffed Bell Peppers

July 5, 2017
crock-pot, bell peppers, téquila, skirt steak

If you follow along regularly, then you know that this blog is actually just a side-job. My actual job is working as a food stylist and recipe developer for retail brands. Those perfectly curated Instagram accounts and unique recipes integrating products on their websites? Yup, those are mine and the other awesome professional food stylists […]

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Freedom & Net Neutrality

June 23, 2017
best margarita recipe, margarita, margarita recipe, milagro tequila, tequila, triple sec, cocktail, valentines day cocktail recipe

We interrupt your regularly scheduled food porn for this important message on freedom… The FCC has a plan to take ‘net neutrality’ away from us. Essentially that means cable companies will be able to censor the internet for profit. If we lose net neutrality, we could soon face an Internet where some of your favorite […]

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Big Apple Cheesecake

Big Apple Cheesecake-11218

Today we’re going to revisit one of our most popular recipe posts from back in September 2015, The Big Apple Cheesecake. Inspired by my former home of Manhattan, this is sure to tantalize your tastebuds. New York City epitomizes everything that is great about America… it’s vibrant, culturally diverse, and rooted in patriotism.  So, I […]

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Tee Time with Gran Reserva

May 23, 2017
Gran Reserva, Wine, golf

Today, I’m going to teach you a bit about golf. It’s fashionable – the players wear business casual and fancy gloves. They use an arsenal of shiny weapons. Golfers have a subservient assistant that follows them around the field. They even place the balls on mini pedestals in a very civilized manner. Oh and the game’s commentators whisper […]

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