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10 Reasons To Go Indie For Your Whisky

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Caprese Ladybugs

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Gettysburg – Food, Drinks, & History

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Skinny Citrus Bramble

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Spring Appliance Trends

February 21, 2017
All Black KitchenAid Mixer - Spring Appliance Trends

It happens every year. The Spring appliance you can’t avoid. It’s everywhere! In the window of every Williams-Sonoma. Popping up on your favorite Pinterest boards. It’s even already on the countertop of your trendy friend’s kitchen. How does she get those things so fast?! Well, if you want to be the one that is in […]

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Valentine Rejects Bark

February 14, 2017
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Today’s recipe is for the rejects. The has-beens. The losers. It is also for the lazy. The procrastinator. The anti-Valentine. It’s my ridiculous easy recipe for Valentine Rejects Bark. I am not kidding about how easy this recipe is. It’s so easy, even a love-spurned grump can do it blindfolded on a lonely Valentine’s Day […]

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